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Post  Admin on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:11 pm

For mozila and Sara. An Additional information.

Opera 10 is the latest version of the Opera web browser and was released in September 2009. This release adds a variety of new features, a new skin designed by Jon Hicks, increased standards support, and a new application icon to Opera. Opera 10 was touted as being 40% faster than Opera 9.6, with the upgrade of Opera's rendering engine to Presto 2.2.15.

Opera 10 uses Presto 2.2.15 which improves rendering speed, adds support for web standards such as RGBA/HSLA color, and improves existing support for web standards. This version of Presto passes the Acid3 test.

Opera 10 automatically detects when a connection is slow, and offers to compress web pages via Opera Software's "Turbo" servers, thus reducing download size. Because web pages are compressed, page loading times on slow connections are dramatically improved, and less data is consumed. However, owing to said compression, images will be displayed at significantly reduced quality. Opera Turbo is designed to be used by people that are using a slow connection, or that have limited bandwidth.

Originally it was planned to release Unite in Opera 10.0, however its release has been delayed until Opera 10.10. Unite is essentially a home server, on which many applications can be run. Opera provides a DNS service at operaunite.com, however this is optional. Unite Applications are based on existing web technology, and can be written by third parties. The following official services are to be included with Unite:

  • Home - Lists available applications currently running on your computer, as well as providing an overview of the Applications used by friends

  • File Sharing - Allows a folder containing files to be made available online and easily shared

  • Fridge - Allows people to leave you public notes, which can be view by you and others on your virtual fridge

  • Media Player - Allows a folder containing audio files to be presented as a web page, where the audio can be streamed from your computer

  • Messenger - Allows one-to-one chat with any of your My Opera friends who are also using Unite

  • Photo Sharing - Allows a folder containing pictures to be presented as a collection of galleries

  • Web Server - Allows you to serve a web site directly from your computer

Opera 10 has a new skin, designed by Jon Hicks, famous as the original renderer of the Firefox icon. Originally, a new skin was not planned for Opera 10, but as various icons were updated, it was decided that an overhaul was appropriate. Many complaints with the previous skin of 9.5 and 9.6 are addressed. There is now a higher contrast between the active and inactive tabs. An activity indicator has been added to tabs in the form of a blue dot in the corner.This indicator is also present in other parts of the interface, indicating new mail, completed transfers, etc. The menu bar can now easily be hidden, and a menu button has been added, which appears when the menu is disabled. Overall, the skin uses less screen space, and is not as dark as the previous one.

Information is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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Post  Snikers2000 on Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:12 pm

Thanks for full detailed review...respect to the administrator. WEB browser Opera 10 is very popular browser cheers


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