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Post  Jessica Parker on Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:22 pm

It is well-known that profiles with photos make much better impression and attract interest then without. No matter what you wrote in text content if your profile, everybody will first pay attention to your pictures, and then to your profile texts. There are some rules to get more attraction and attention regarding to your photos:
1. The more photos you upload the more interest you will get. Nobody believes in profiles with one or two pictures anymore. Put more smiley photos of you from everyday life with interesting background. People pay attention both on your appearance and your background on pictures. So this principle can play key role of your image.
2. Upload quality photos. You don’t need to provide professional snapshots, it just should not be taken by your phone camera or web camera with low resolution. A lot of noise on the picture may lead to poor impression for your visitors.
3. Never upload unreal photos. Online dating leads to real meeting so there is no reason to lie. What is done by night appears by day. Even if you shy of showing your real photos on public or you have other reason to not show them to others, then it is better to upload nothing at all. This is better then to show any unreal photos. Otherwise you will have a risk to get in scam lists.
Good Luck in finding your soulmate and will help you with this.

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