The main mistakes of online dating communication.

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The main mistakes of online dating communication. Empty The main mistakes of online dating communication.

Post  Jessica Parker on Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:21 pm

High demands. People who used to have dates always hope for something better. There is a problem of the large selection. Even if you think that you already have found somebody special and you have already several meetings with one. Anyway you’re going back on the website with hope to find somebody better. Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to stop looking through dating sites. This only means that you should take this effect into account.
Too long profile. Even if you feel that you can be a good writer don’t try to write the whole book in your profile. You will never get attracts by this. Write short but interesting description that will be unique and pay attention.
Complain. Never complain, be confident and positive. Nobody wants to know about your problems, even if your listener very polite and pretend to be interested in your complaints, he will lose attention to you very quickly.
Judging. Never judge somebody. No matter what attitude you have to another profile or photo - don’t convict. Always be gentle.
Sending long and not interesting messages. You have to be unique. It is very easy to make somebody bored by your long messages. Be more laconic but interesting.
Rushing. Don’t be very fast in asking personal info and asking for real meeting. Take your time and try to know as much as possible about person before real meeting.
Good Luck in finding your soulmate and will help you with this.

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